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Introductory article about Amrita Certified Pure® Coffee.

Here’s an easy prediction: if Thomas A. Baxendale were alive today, Bob Taft would buy the man a cup of coffee. A longtime resident of Falmouth’s Megansett village, Taft has long admired Baxendale, who lived on Amrita Island in nearby Cataumet just about a century ago.

Article about pink granite from West Falmouth used by the Baxendale’s on Amrita Island and on JFK’s grave.

Everyone knows that JFK and his family spent a lot of time on Cape Cod during his presidency and in their youthful lives beforehand. So too, did the stones of granite that mark the late president’s grave.

Story about the Baxendales, Amrita Island and Esther Baxedale’s will.

When Thomas A. Baxendale and his wife purchased Amrita Island in the late 1890s, they must have envisioned erecting their own little principality. Crossing the stone-pillared bridge to the island, one half expects to find a medieval fortress on the other side. The ivy-covered towers more closely resemble the entrance to an English castle than the gateway to an island on Buzzards Bay in Cataumet.

Boston Globe

Update on the Baxendale Trust, Amrita Island and surrounding properties.

Like latter-day billionaire Bill Gates, Baxendale hired scholars and deep thinkers to deliver high-minded lectures at his summer estate. One pet theme: animal welfare. “The horses were treated like human beings,’’ his friend Dr. George Donkin told the Globe in 1927. “Thomas and Esther were both very fond of animals [and] made many generous gifts to the Animal Rescue League and work for dumb animals.’’

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