Certified Pure® Tea

All of Amrita Certified Pure Teas are USDA 100% Organic.

The tea is grown naturally and sustainably without the use of any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. By growing the tea under these conditions the environment is protected for animals and humans for generations to come. The resulting cup is pure quality tea.

Biodegradable Teabags

The pyramid design of our tea bags allow for a complete infusion of full leaf teas. The mesh material of our teabags are Certified Biodegradable to ASTM 6400 standards.

Preserving Nature

A portion of the profits from Amrita Certified are donated to organizations that preserve nature, wildlife and the humane education child education of the treatment of animals.

Pride Mission

There is pride and dignity in economic empowerment. Pride Mission is “teaching people how to fish” to create sustainable social change…the result is self-reliance, pride and dignity, one life at a time. This is done through donations from the sale of Amrita Tea for the funding of scholarships to girls in Kenya who would otherwise not get an education.

Amrita Certified Pure Tea