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    Our newest 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Amrita Certified Pure® Coffee.

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  • Roasted To Order

    Amrita Certified Pure® Coffees are all roasted to order in a choice of light roast or dark roast. The fresh roasted coffee can be ordered as ground coffee or whole bean coffee. We small batch roast our coffees on a 1 lb. or 2lb. Sonofresco roaster with profiles that bring out the true rich flavor characteristics naturally found in each coffee varietal, process and terroir. All orders over $65.00 have free shipping and conveniently delivered to your home or office.

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  • Grown Organically and Sustainably

    Amrita Certified Pure® Coffees are 100% organically grown sustainably by balancing the use of land and water. Grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, the environment in which our coffees are grown is protected for generations to come. Amrita Certified Pure Coffee certifications include Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade.

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  • The Island That Started It All

    The name Amrita was inspired by a love for the island, a distinctively magical haven on the south coast of Cape Cod. Tom and Esther Baxendale purchased the island in 1890, and created a trust so future generations could share their love of the area and its wildlife. A portion of the proceeds from Amrita Certified Pure® Coffee benefits the Friends of the Baxendale Legacy organization.

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